+10 Years Experience

Our hair transplant clinic has more than 10 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. We use the lastest FUE tecnique which speeds up recovery time. It provides to patients having natural hair and there is no risk of any trace or scar.

Procedure in Istanbul

Lets check out 3-day treatment for our international patients. During the whole process, our patients are accompanied by our medical consultants. We also provide one year free follow-up after the operation.

All-inclusive Package

We are offering all-inclusive package for our international patients. The price includes VIP transfer (airport-hotel-clinic), hotel accommodation, hair transplant treatment, lab analysis, pre-post operation medications and lotion, PRP therapy and one year follow-up.

Free Online Consultation

Send us your hair photos taken from three different angles by whatsapp, viber or
e-mail to get hair analysis, quotation and detailed information about our service.

Welcome to Medicinal Istanbul

Our hospital, Estethica, is already for many years the top in terms of hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery. Estethica is the most modern and comprehensive medical aesthetics group of Turkey. The group consisted of five branches in Istanbul, and performs hair transplantation, including any kind of plastic surgery.

Due to high demand from all over Europe and the Middle East for quality hair transplants at an affordable price, Estethica group has increased the number of hair transplant teams in order to satisfy the high demand. Although the number of teams has increased, we will not temper the high quality of the treatments.

Our newest hair clinic in Atasehir, which is located in Istanbul, is furnished with the most modern equipment and all the staff is trained to the highest possible level. Each hair transplant is performed by the surgeon himself together with his team, all of the teams have at least 10 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. For these reasons, the quality of the hair transplantations, carried out at Estethica, is the most highly regarded in Turkey. To support this statement everyone who has a treatment at Estethica receives a written guarantee on the result.

Given the lower hourly wages in Turkey a hair transplant at Estethica is much more affordable than in Europe or the Middle East, while the quality of the treatment is of the same level to say the least.

Hair Transplant

We provide natural and undetectable hair transplantation results. Just like your natural hair, you can dye, perm, and cut your transplanted hair without worrying that they will fall out. Estethica uses its unique and advanced hair transplant techniques to provide the most effective treatment for baldness. Hair loss problem can be solved successfully.

Beard Transplant

Beard transplantations help  improve men’s attractiveness and hide facial scars, burn damage or cleft chins. It is a procedure that involves transplanting hair from the back of the scalp to the beard region. Patients generally go for this type of procedure to achieve more density of the beard they already have or fill in inconsistent areas.

Hair Transplant For Women

From the distant past to the present day, female beauty has always been closely connected to hair and has always been important to women It has been the most distinct difference between man and woman. Hair loss in men and women diverges in many ways. Male hair loss is mainly of androgen type whereas in females it can be a number of other causes.

Medical Experience

Estethica hospital strives to be the hospital that sets a respectable example for the medical industry in all aspects, from medical care quality to accessibility and from service to safety.

Our Aim

Our ongoing mission is to relieve and comfort anyone seeking medical esthetic care from us, by providing the best achievable quality of life for every patient. We are dedicated in our pursuit of excellence.

Hotel Accommodation

We have agreement with Asia City hotel where you will stay during the process. The hotel is located in Asian side of Istanbul and 5 minutes to clinic. It is a four-star hotel with luxurious rooms.
  • The Lifetime Guarantee

    The Lifetime Guarantee

    After the hair transplant operation, certificate of warranty is given to you…. View more →

  • What We Guarantee

    What We Guarantee

    We guarantee to replace any non-growing grafts free of charge. But we have never experienced….. View more →

  • We Speak Your Language

    We Speak Your Language

    In our hospital, you can communicate with our medical team in english, french, arabic, german, azerbaijani and russian…. View more →

  • Payment


    Payment will be made in the hospital just before the operation. You will pay only for your all-inclusive package. Flight tickets are not included in the package…. View more →